Port Moresby city getting expensive


THE continuing increase in the land and garbage rates charged on Port Moresby residents by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is unjustified.
The development of NCD and Port Moresby city is funded by the national Government, development partners, and the private sector.
Most of the feeder roads and those in residential areas have completely deteriorated to a stage where they are unusable.
The dust pollution created from such roads by passing motor vehicles has become a major health hazard for the city residents.
Port Moresby city is littered with rubbish everywhere and every day, and graffiti has become a huge problem. Noise pollution from car music, drinking parties, and from other sources is increasing at an alarming rate.
The NCDC does not provide amenities such as sporting facilities for the residents of Port Moresby city to use and keep healthy and fit.
The current facilities were developed with funding from the national Government and private sector.
The NCDC does not provide public transportation and public toilet facilities for use by the public.
The highway lights and most traffic lights do not work and the city authority has no concern for public safety.
The authority has not implemented a system to track down and impose fines on drivers who destroy public lights and plant pots, including thieves who steal switches from public lights.
The rapid spread of settlements around Port Moresby is putting pressure on the limited State land, resulting in the high cost of property and rentals. This is making life harder for city residents.
The national Government gives a larger share of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collected from businesses in Port Moresby to NCDC.
What the city authority does with its share of GST is anybody’s guess.
We the taxpayers pay fortnightly income tax and pay GST on anything and everything we buy, including the NCDC land and garbage rates. The current tax system is a huge burden on taxpayers.
These problems and issues point to the fact the NCDC has no justification to increase the land and garbage rates.
The national Government and NCDC must review, establish, and address why the cost burden has increased significantly for Port Moresby city residents while the quality of life in the city has deteriorated for taxpayers, with escalating law and order problems.

Concerned Taxpayer

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