Port Moresby getting too much


Papua New Guinea is slowly emerging out of its slumber in terms of infrastructure development.
Port Moresby has experienced well-deserved transitions over the last seven years.
The country has showcased its world-class infrastructures and its capabilities by hosting world events like APEC 2018, 2016 U20 Women’s Soccer World Cup, 2017 Rugby League World Cup and 2015 Pacific Games.
It is a milestone achievement for Government in conjunction with its development partners.
People are questioning why our Government is concentrating on development in Port Moresby and neglecting other centres?
The situation is beyond people’s control until election time when they eliminate incompetent ones.
Development of a country starts with its capital city.
Some of us are content with what we have.
We hope that after Port Moresby, Lae and other centres will undergo a major overhaul.

Gibson Lambea Mai
Maiya village
Southern Highlands