Port Moresby hospital into sixth day of Covid-19 surge

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THE Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) is into the sixth day of the fourth Coronavirus (Covid-19) surge, with the positivity rate standing at 61 per cent yesterday, an official says.
Hospital director of medical services Dr Kone Sobi said 14 patients with the Covid-19 were in Ward 1D, of which five were admitted overnight.
“All in-patients are with either medical or surgical conditions and several are on single source oxygen while others are not on oxygen and are in the ward for other conditions but found to be Covid-19 positive,” he said.
“Many of the positive cases are being advised to isolate at home with appropriate advice.”
During the third surge from last October to November, the positivity rate went above 50 per cent around the 10th day.
The positivity rates were hovering between 5 and 10 per cent from Dec 1 to Jan 19.
Since Friday, the testing positivity rates rose from 15 per cent to 55 per cent on Monday, and 61 per cent yesterday.
The rapid rise in cases suggested the presence of the Omicron variant.
“We don’t know yet if these are Omicron cases.
“Samples will be sent to Melbourne for genetic sequencing,” he said.
“It may be two to three weeks for results to come.
“But given how quick cases have been detected over the past four days we can only assume.”
He said several hospital staff had tested positive for the Covid-19 in the past three days.
“They will be in isolation, hence will affect our work rosters.”
Dr Sobi warned the people to prepare for the worst rather than taking a casual approach in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic.