Port Moresby hospital recruits additional health workers

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SIX doctors, 88 nurses and one X-ray technician have been recruited to boost manpower at the Port Moresby General Hospital as the capital city is struggling to beat a surge in Covid-19 community transmission.
They will fill in for hospital employees who had been exposed to the Covid-19 and had to be quarantined.
Hospital chief executive officer Dr Paki Molumi said the additional staff would be sent to sections where they were needed.
“In the management of the Covid, we have people who have already been trained to manage Covid cases at our isolation ICU (intensive care unit),” he said.
“While they are doing that, there will be gaps in our normal services. So that’s where the new workers will come in.”
Molumi said an understanding with the provincial health authority had eased the strain on the hospital as the Covid-19 patients were being treated at the Rita Flynn isolation center.
A similar facility will be set up at the Taurama aquatic centre.
He also urged the people not to be afraid of seeking treatment at the hospital as it had been cleaned and disinfected after a few workers were exposed to the virus.
He said the workers exposed to the virus had been quarantined.
“I want to encourage every patient to come and get treated. We are waiting to serve you,” he said.


  • When we see that the covid 19 case is increasing, who will then be there to attain to those diseased, health workers are few in number, why can’t our government and especially the education minister increase the number of selection of science foundation year students who are currently studying at the University of Papuan new Guinea and PUA to Madpac so that they can be added to the manpower of the health workers. In this way we can be able to combat the covid 19 thing and other diseases reducing unnecessary, inappropriate and untimely deaths_ by means of one – to – one – treatment. Let’s try to think innovatively and brilliantly.

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