Port Moresby not safe


I WAS shocked when I read the report “Girl, 16, fights her way from abductors” (The National, Apr 8).
The story told of the teenage girl in Port Moresby who was abducted by men at 9am and pushed into a car to be taken away, and possibly raped and killed.
How long will the authorities in the capital city allow crime to continue on the streets?
As the victim’s aunt said, “It is no longer safe for our young women and girls to leave their home or to be in the public all by themselves.”
It is frightening that it happened in a central part of the capital city of PNG at 9am.
Does that mean possible rapists and murderers are freely moving about the streets of the capital city and hunting for women and girls?
What are the city authorities doing to curb such crimes?
Are they initiating programmes to place people on the streets to look out for suspects or criminals who prey on passersby?
Last year, at 4-Mile bus stop, a girl was stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife because she would not give her phone to the person who attacked her.
Photos of her with a knife stuck on her back were shared on social media.
A couple of days ago people were also warned on social media that groups of youths in the Boroko shopping area were breaking into vehicles parked there.
Are there any efforts being made to curb such crimes on the streets of Port Moresby?
Is the National Capital District Commission and police doing anything about the safety of passersby at 4-Mile?
Is NCDC recruiting more people to work as city guards to protect people against petty criminals – not just hunting for betel nut vendors?
Authorities in Port Moresby must wake up and do something.
They cannot continue to act as if all is okay there.
If we allow such things to go on as they are, a serious crime against a girl may make the headlines of our newspapers in the next few weeks.
This must be prevented.
Be proactive.
NCDC must divert funds from some of its sports or yoga programmes for the recruitment of more city guards to police the city streets.
They and the police must work together to stop those rapists and murderers from moving about freely.

Peace Warrior