Port Moresby not safe anymore


IT is scary to be in Port Moresby nowadays.
The number of children from settlements and slums are increasing.
They are preying on other residents of the city.
In busy bus stops, markets or shopping centres, it is not as safe.
These places are becoming a nightmare for those who just want to go about their normal routines.
Opportunists are turning to crime for survival.
Thugs are now more organised.
Different individuals and groups assist each other to ensure they get what they want.
I wish police personnel are stationed in all busy places where thugs usually frequent.
Shoot them down and create a conducive city for all people to enjoy.
Many people have become victims of opportunists preying on them.
Many are scared to move around in public places.
The nation’s capital is not what it used to be in the 1970s and 1980s.
This is sad.
People need to enjoy freedom.
City authorities should do a thorough clean up now.
Port Moresby is going to the dogs.
Act now and restore the city to its former glory days.

Mosbi Bagarap