Port Moresby not safe


When analysing the true state of PNG’s capital city, Port Moresby, we find that it is now very worrying, unsafe and densely populated.
This is as a result of the rural-urban drift by migrants taking advantage of non-existence of the vagrancy Act.
Another pull-factor luring unwanted people into the nation’s capital is the sale of customary land to outsiders left, right and centre, without considering its side effects on the landowners and the city of Port Moresby.
The frightening trend in the influx of unwanted people into Port Moresby has put the people of Central and Gulf at a disadvantage and they are finding it difficult to enjoy the city spinoff activities and business.
It is also sad to see local farmers from Central missing out on market space daily in the city’s major markets like Boroko, Koki, Gerehu and Waigani.
The city’s business and working people are harassed daily, attacked and have their luxuries taken off them or pick-pocketed, snatched or robbed.
When will this stop?
What are we going to do?
What will be the best workable solution to all these?

Paul Minga
CT Image Promoter

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