Port Moresby under lockdown


A 14-DAY lockdown for Port Moresby comes into effect today.
The lockdown is part of the Government’s preventive measures to put in place mechanisms to map out, control and prevent any further spreading of the coronavirus.
Port Moresby currently has 51 actives cases from the 62 confirmed, hence the directive.
In Port Moresby, all schools will be closed as of today , and public transport has also been stopped.
Common knowledge is that the coronavirus will not move unless people move it.
When we stop moving, the virus stops moving.
The fight to contain the Covid-19 pandemic is global.
All nations are working together on this.
It is for everyone’s benefit that these measures were being put in place – from social distances to getting into crowded areas and the simplest reminder of personal hygiene.
These guideline were for everyone.
We were reminded to reduce our contact with others.
PNG has recorded what medical professionals’ term as “community transmission” and numbers will continue to increase if the directives are not adhered to.
Many people will view the 14-day lockdown as harsh but it should be done.
Directives during the initial lockdown in March and especially after the SOE were relaxed and almost all were not adhered to and taken never taken that for granted.
Many provinces used the period to drive home the message of how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and that is the way forward. The directives under the business operations and social gatherings were not enforced effectively.
Social distancing measures and wearing of mask were never fully enforced.
That is the now the practice worldwide.
Social distancing works.
It reduces transmission of the virus effectively and lessens the impact on already stretched healthcare services.
The message of practicing hand hygiene (wash your hands regularly with soap and water), respiratory hygiene (cover your cough), and food safety (cook food well before eating) as a prevention measure for yourself as well as your family members and your community should continue.
While the Government has stepped up in its efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), it still is important for everyone to get facts from trusted sources.
In times of crises, accurate information is important if we are to maintain order and for people to remain calm.
When there is no information flowing, people will be susceptible to rumours and that does not help anyone.
What our people need right now is accurate, consistent and regular information.
All information should be tailored to the specific situation which can then increase the efficiency of information dissemination and provide people with more time and more accurate information to be informed and make better decisions.
In the modern era the number of communication channels has rapidly increased.
Information technology development has made the transfer of information easy and fast in all aspects of human activity.
In the coming days and weeks, let’s all pay attention to what the Government has announced to take effect and to abide by it to stop the virus from entering our respective communities.
We will still have ignorant citizens, sadly some are well-educated, still defying instructions and we pin our hopes on the respective authorities to start cracking the whip for them to toe the line.


  • Its time people to under stand and realize that its there life’s with there family’s. And very important is we people never apply the healthy way of leaving in our own house’s. This is about time we people must listen and apply to what is better us and our children at our very own house’s. Thank you very much.

  • Do NOT be troubled. Coronavirus is another FLU being introduced from the East just like in the past cases including Sars, Cholera etc…Stick with your local/traditional remedies to cure flu/fever/headaches..etc and stay active. Weak MINDs will only surrender to this so-called C-19. Stay ALERT and be positive..its a mental disease. Just sharing my thoughts. Thanks

  • No need for all the hype. For all I care for now is the kind of data/stats and information we have at end which seemed to erroneously misleading hence causing havoc ie, panic, anxiety, stress, etc. We the mass deserve to know correct and timely information with regards to the pandemic COVID-19 at our soil. Health experts including the team @ the NOC must be speaking the same language and in all truth. Tired of getting all those half baked not good enough advice from everyone else.

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