Port Moresby’s growth praised


MOST often Papua New Guineans take things for granted and do not appreciate leaders or MPs who strive to lead and develop cities, towns and communities.
I have seen Port Moresby change for the better in the past 10 years and it is still progressing.
I came into the city to work and live in 2005 and so much has changed since then.
There were a couple of politicians before current Governor Powes Parkop. Almost at every opportunity during his first campaign in 2007, Parkop challenged other candidates with the theme, “I have 100+ ideas to develop the city”. Since he got into the NCDC chair, he has not let his voters down. I am glad that I have stood with him, although I have not gained any personal favour from our visionary leader.
This is what voters in other provinces and cities should be looking at: Is there change in their district or province? If yes, why would they want to change their leader?
If you have been in the National Capital District more than I have been, you will agree that Port Moresby has changed greatly for the better, so let us take ownership and take care of the developments and the city beautification programme.
Also, our personal fitness programme like yoga and Sunday walks have changed the way people think and live.
Thumbs up for the people who work behind the scenes to make our metropolitan city a pleasant place to live and work.

Peter Akori