Port Services facing action for use of public park


Madang Port Services will be issued with a notice to remove its vehicles and machinery from Sir Donald Cleland Park because of the damage being caused, says a town official.
Port Services has been using the section of the park opposite its yard to park loaders and big trucks, blocking the path which people use.
Madang urban local level government acting town manager Philip Posonau said he was expecting an officer from the rules and sanitation office to issue a notice.
“Those big machines parked there for some times now are spoiling the lawn,” Posonau said.
He said notices will be issued to Madang Port Services and Rookes Marine trucking company not to park on that piece of reserve land because it was not meant for parking.
Madang Port Services manager Motu Lohia said their use of the park was a temporary measure which the company had discussed with Mayor Joe Yama.
Lohia said they parked their long trailers there so their vehicles can easily move in and out of the yard. The trailers are moved back to the yard at the end of the day.
“This is not a permanent arrangement, but a temporary one” he said.
Meanwhile, Posanau said that while town residents were raising queries about reserve lands and parks and other land issues, most of them had not been paying land rates, and garbage and sanitation fees.
“Many people are not paying their fees,” he said.
Posonau said Madang urban local level government would need more than K500,000 for street lighting to be installed.
PNG Power said it would pay for the installation but Madang urban local level government did not have the money to buy the lights, Pasonau said.
He said they only received K500,000 for operations and needed extra for the street lights.