Possibility of housing for superfund members seen


DEPUTY Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the government is able to partner with superfunds to provide affordable housing for members.
He told the Nasfund employers conference yesterday that there were itiatives in progress to address the high demand and low supply in the housing sector.
He cited the example of the Bank South Pacific subsidised home loans and direct government intervention in housing in urban centres.
“The pilot project initiated at Planning in relation to using government land earmarked specifically for affordable housing and making sure through a mechanism that our people are able to access that land at no cost,” Abel said.
“The Gerehu 3B Project is still moving and the1762 land titles are still there. It’s just the provision of services such as water and power and making sure the roads are done properly. There will be an auctioning of some of that land and ultimately all of that land to people qualified to be able to use those titles to assist themselves in obtaining finance to build their homes.”