Post PNG launches new stamps

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POST PNG, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Conservation, has launched its third stamp issue for 2010 featuring the Carteret Islands of Bougainville.
Located 86km northeast of Bougainville, the islands are sinking fast due to climate change.
Post PNG decided to highlight the significance of climate change and its effects in its third stamp issue.
Post PNG CEO Peter Maiden said its partnership with the Department of Environment  and Conservation and various NGOs over the years had resulted in Post PNG producing and issuing stamps on various endangered animals and plants species including rich flora, fauna and marine life.
“Postage stamps are used by nations to portray their status, their history, their issues, their culture, topography, fauna and flora, accomplishments and success, adherence to international bodies, industry and tourist appeal.
“These stamps will be officially used for postage both domestically and internationally, and will also be collected by stamp collectors worldwide,” Mr Maiden said.