Postings fiasco in Central province

National, Normal


CONCERNS have been raised by Central province teachers in Port Moresby concerning  their posting for next year’s academic year.
A concerned primary school teacher in Abau Island Primary School Dagabu Dai told The National yesterday they were still in the dark although they had been told by the Education Department to begin duties on Jan 25.
“When will the Central province education board (PEB) put up our posting for 2010? We’re in the dark right now,” he said.
According to sources, it is believed that the PEB places the appointments for teachers for their next posting every year before they go for vacation.
However, this has not been the case for this year and it is the first time postings have been delayed, a source who confirmed the delay said.
“We do not know how much time we have until they advise us but otherwise, we have always been told our next posting before we went on vacations,” the source said.
He supported Mr Dai’s concern and said they only had three more weeks before they resume work for the 2010 academic school year whicvh begins on Feb 1, as directed by the Education Department.
“Teachers should resume work on Feb 1 and students should return the following week for the academic school year,” he said.
He said their postings were never put up when they visited the office at the Central provincial administration before going for break and said they might start very late if teachers take this opportunity to extend their vacation.
Meanwhile, many teachers in Central province who missed out on their travel fares, have spent Christmas, and most likely the New Year as well, with their relatives and friends in the capital city.
A teacher, who did not want to be named, said their Christmas was boring as they spent it at Hohola PNG Power flats with wantoks.
“We have no choice but to stay on till New Year to get our travel fares as promised on Jan 4, by the Central administration,” he said.
Attempts to get in touch with the PEB chairman, Central province education adviser Titus Hatagen, yesterday were unsuccessful.
It is believed Mr Hatagen is away in his village for recreational leave and wont be available till Jan 4.