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POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer wants to see serving senior officers under the age of 60 apply for the positions of commissioner and the two deputy commissioners.
He also clarified that the appointments of Francis Tokura as acting police commissioner, Joanne Clarkson and David Manning as acting deputy police commissioners, were “temporary” and for a period of only three months.
“They are not appointed permanently. They will still have to apply for their respective positions,” Kramer said.
“In the past when people are appointed to acting positions, they go on and be confirmed. But for me it will be different.”
He said other senior officers in the force below 60 could apply for the three top posts.
“I am now reviewing all current senior police officers for the commissioner’s position. All the reviewing and screening process will be done on merit,” Kramer said.
He claimed that certain MPs had approached him to consider their preferred candidates for police commissioner.
“Their candidates are mostly former senior police officers,” Kramer said.
“But I’m not entertaining that. Because to me any application that comes through the window or back door will be thrown out the same way.”
Kramer said it was the normal that acting positions in Government organisations were for three months.
“It is to maintain the continuity of the organisation’s management until a permanent commissioner is appointed.” Tokura in his first press conference as acting police commissioner thanked the Government for his three-month appointment.
He also thanked his predecessor Gari Baki and his two deputies Jim Andrews and Raphael Huafolo for their leadership over the past four years.
“The trio had a made tremendous contribution to the force in their entire career as police officers,” Tokura said.
He plans to introduce in other provinces the Policing the Police task force implemented in Port Moresby.
“This initiative by outgoing commissioner Baki in the city has been successful in dealing with members of the force who abuse their power on civilians,” Tokura said.
“The truth is that the public has lost confidence in the police force.
“This unit that has done wonders in the city and we will set it up in other provinces.”
Tokura wants to restore public confidence in the constabulary and maintain unity and stability in the force.
“I will ensure the police force is stable and continues to carry out its constitutional duty to protect lives and properties and maintain law and order in the communities.”

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