Potape: Make informed decisions for people

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 LEADERS with integrity should judge and vote for any bills in Parliament as their decisions reflect the views of the people they represent, Komo Margarima MP Francis Potape says.

Potape, who supported the constitutional amendment bill on sections 145 and 124, said that leaders should make informed choices on important legislation.

He referred to the constitutional amendment as a “new era’ in PNG politics.

“We have highly-qualified and educated leaders, including myself, and former prime ministers who are constitutional fathers. We have a duty as legislatures to make appropriate laws relevant and suiting to the changing of times for our people,” Potape said during grievance debate.

“Anyone can express their view but by the end of the day it is Parliament  that makes such law. 

“The laws I help to pass in this Parliament are relevant and necessary for our people today and tomorrow for the future generation. 

“The laws we make must also reflect the true intent of the Constitution and the thinking of the Constitutional Planning Committee and our forefathers, who have desired for PNG to be a progressive sovereign country, blended with diversity who shall live in harmony as one people, one country and one nation as per our national pledge,” the MP said.