Poultry farmers need help getting supplies


TO the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, John Simon, the people of PNG obtain ready protein from live chicken right throughout PNG.
This is through the sale of day-old chicks by number of suppliers such as Zenag, Mainland Holdings Ltd and Christian Leaders Training College Farm.
You were away when that issue was raised in March as per the impact of the Covid-19.
I have not been able to obtain a box of day old chicks in Goroka for the last three weeks.
In fact, we have placed order and would get supplies this week.
We are told by Farmset Ltd and Chemica Ltd and others that we have to come with cash and collect the chicks.
This implies that the suppliers are not sure when the chicks would arrive.
We are informed that there are restrictions on cargo which affects the poultry industry in PNG.
The breeders required to supply PNG are not coming through.
If this situation persists, there will be shortage of live and processed chicken that could push prices up during the Christmas and New Year period.
To support our farmers provide poultry products to consumers, we require your intervention to liaise with Air Niugini and the Department of Transport to resolve this situation.
Until then, we should avoid any burden to our consumers but more so to protect our farmers and to support the local poultry industry.
Wilson Thompson, ML
President of Farmers & Settlers Association Inc

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