Power black-outs


THE power blackouts in this country are so frequent and we are accustomed to it as normal.
In some countries, one unexplained power blackout results in the termination of its management.
No-one in PNG has been taken task to explain the frequent blackouts and it seems the management has been granted immunity from owning up.
The chronic state of power problems now calls for competition that will bring in people with innovation, foresight and customer accountability in this sector.
The fact that Coca-Cola, in its monopolistic state stopped its annual increments in its pricing was the reaction to the arrival of Pepsi, its stiff competitor today.
Telikom’s mobile sim cards and handphones were going at K250 and K700 until Digicel came with an attractive pricing of K5 and K40 respectively that ensured Telikom’s gadgets collected dust on the shelves.
In the end, the people benefit from competition.
A competitor in the energy sector that brings in professionalism and reliability will certainly throw a deadly uppercut to our PNG power management and expertise.


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