Power blackouts hurting Lae fans


IT is a norm in Lae now to have power cuts every time there is a major event like State of Origin, Fifa World Cup final and now the Intrust Cup which was being played in Lae for the very first time.
Lae residents have accepted the reality that they do not have to watch a full game on television unless one is using a generator set.
This happens year in year out and this seems to be intentional and unnecessary.
An example was during this year’s Fifa World Cup final.
Despite the game being played at 1am, a power blackout of more than 20 minutes occurred.
More frustrating was last Sunday’s Intrust Cup match between the Hunters and Northern Devils, which was being broadcast on TVWan but we had a power blackout a few minutes after the kickoff.

Akaiya Eomu, Lae

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