Power is in education, says Chan

Islands, Normal


NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan believes his province can become powerful if it invests in education
Sir Julius said the human mind was the greatest resource of the province and America was a powerful nation today because its leaders invested in education, something which New Ireland was capable of achieving.
He said developed countries like the United States were only able to reach their potential with an educated population, recognising that the human mind was the fundamental resource that knowledge was power more so now than ever before.
Sir Julius said his government had taken the first step of a thousand kilometres to give opportunity to every New Ireland child to get an education under its free primary and 75% education subsidy policy and it is up to the people to capitalise on it and make the vision and mission of the Malangan Declaration become a reality.
He said the Malangan Declaration had set the blueprint for development that extended to every citizen, however rich or poor, strong or disable and that not anyone must be left behind in taking advantage of the opportunities created by their Government.
He said these were the strong attributes that compel the provincial government to take the province to the highest form of autonomy and give New Ireland the benefit to chart its own destiny with pride and prosperity
Sir Julius was speaking recently at the closing of the school year for the school children and teachers of Napantah-Nabumai Community School in the Namatanai district.
They celebrated the successful closing of their school, which was reopened only in the second quarter of this year and immediately received Government assistance of K25,000 toward upgrading the school infrastructure.
Sir Julius used the occasion to encourage the children and community to take education as the key to gain impact development for the people and the province.