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PROVINCIAL governments, corporate companies and Government statutory bodies were challenged to support the PNG Games in Port Moresby in November.
The chairman of PNG Power William Kenjibi issued the challenge when presenting K25,000 to PNG Games Event Manageress Mary Karo yesterday  at PNG Power headquarters in Port Moresby.
He said the sponsorship was for a worthy cause to help our unemployed youths excel in sports.
When presenting the cheque, Kenjibi said PNG Power, as a a corporate citizen, felt obliged to support the PNG Games for a worthwhile cause and to develop the country’s human resources.
The PNG Games provided the opportunities for people in rural areas to expose their talents.
PNG Power board chairman said PNG Games had uncovered barefoot runner Toea Wisil, the village girl from Banz, Western Highlands, who is now a national representative.
PNG Power acting chief Executive officer Tony Koiri reiterated that his organisation was only too happy to support the 2009 PNG Games.
He wholeheartedly backed the concept of the Games and wanted to see sports administrators improve sports by conducting inter-school events which started from the district, to provincial and national levels.
Karo thanked Kenjibi and Koiri for their contribution and said the Games was getting bigger with more centres involved.