Powi’s province still lagging

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 I AM an unattached public servant of the Southern Highlands province. 

For many years I have been supporting Governor William Powi. He was the provincial administrator. 

He is a highly educated person with a lot of experience in public sector reforms, budget  and  policy frame works. 

He is one of the elites of this country in terms of government policy frame works, its  implementation in alignment with the national government’s Vision 2050, the National Strategic Plan, Medium Term Development Plan and the cascading plans.

He is one of the first provincial governors to come up with a workable five-year development plan in addition to his previous SHP corporate plan that was launched in Mendi by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Over the last couple of months, he struggled especially with staging various government programme performance indicators. 

He needs to explain to the people why SHP is last out of the 22 provinces in Grade  10  and Grade 12 performance  in 2013,  the deteriorating  health facilities failing to implement major crucial health programmes such as TB DOTS and TB resistance, HIV/AIDS, primary health  care,  rundown  agriculture  projects, tea  coffee, cardamon, vegetables, escalating law and order and the non-performing public service  machinery.


Youngpu Samo, Via email