Powi expects major changes after split

Highlands, Normal


THE Southern Highlands province has gone through a major transition period in the past few years and more changes will follow with the province splitting into two, provincial administrator William Powi said.
Mr Powi was speaking during the provincial government day celebrations in Mendi last Tuesday.
He said under the National Government’s 40-year national strategic plan to be launched next year, Southern Highlands should be in it to benefit from the development goals.
“The national leaders’ summit in Lae recently has resolved to roll out services to the rural area which they claimed was lacking in the past and SHP should be in it to win it,” he said.
Mr Powi said he would be the head of the provincial administration while Mr Agiru would remain as Governor until 2012 when Hela and SHP separate.
“I am now taking stock of all education systems and facilities, health infrastructures and other resources that would be given away to Hela.
“Whatever belongs to Hela would be given to them while we keep the rest for SHP.
“This daunting task will have to be accomplished within the next two years,” he said.