Powi joins ruling Pangu

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SOUTHERN Highlands Governor William Powi has joined the ruling Pangu Party from the People’s National Congress.
Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Dr Aphonse Gelu yesterday announced Powi’s membership with Pangu.
Dr Gelu also announced that two other MPs who moved were Sir Mekere Morauta, who joined National Alliance Party, while Douglas Tomuriesa left Pangu Party and joined Our Development Party.
Sir Mekere fought the last election as an independent candidate.
Powi is a former member of People’s National Congress Party and had resigned, making his intentions known to join Pangu but due to delay in processing his registration, it took him almost a year to be formally recognised.
Dr Gelu called on political parties to work hard in preparation for the 2022 national elections.
“We do encourage our political parties to keep their membership on the floor of Parliament,” he said.
“Once our members of Parliament join political parties, it is something good for us in terms of maintaining a good parliamentary system so that we can have political stability.
“Once we have political stability, the country will progress.
“I encourage political parties to continue to enlist their membership for their parties,” he said.
Powi said he made it official yesterday to dispel speculation and misconceptions about his party membership status.
“I want to correct the misconceptions in the media and inform my people of Southern Highlands that I’m am now a registered member of Pangu Party,” he said.
“I am a supporter of Prime Minister James Marape and I have no intention to be affiliated to any other party. “Since being elected in 2012, I didn’t believe in jumping from party to party.
“This ceremony is to correct and dispel this public misconception and to confirm that I am fully registered member of Pangu.”
Pangu general secretary Morris Tovebae said Powi was always with the party despite the formalities not being in place.
“Now he is a fully-fledged member of the Pangu Party,” Tovebae said.


  • No matter how many parties you are in or jump to, there is nothing to show for in the development of Southern Highlands Province. Your leadership has continuously been redundant in donkey years in your terms as a governor. Votes wasted, time wasted, money wasted! There’s nothing in the province to remember you for! Thus, moving parties gives less or no effect at all as a leader without action. For us to consider you as a best leader, please compare yourself to leaders like Powes Parkop, Justin Tkatchenko and Peter Ipatas to name a few, and you will find which position you are in. If you are no way near, then pull up your socks. By the way, the sad thing is that 2022 is not far in which we believe you will not continue as a governor of SHP. We poor people of SHP are very tired of non-performing leaders who keep hiding in their comfort zones always wanting to make last minute moves, with their sweet talks, bullshit development plans and empty promises.

  • Mr Powi Southern Highlands fall into drain while you joining from party to party , what kind of your plan and vision you have for southern highlands? We voted you for our strongest party that brings quality policies frame work so called PNC 4 PNG and now you are looking for money and move to Pangi Pati, what is the policy direction of pangu pati you wise to perform? WILL SEE 2022

  • It’s your discretion to feed your ego…..if you’re successful come 2022 please lead with a transformation mindset. We the people of SHP wanted to see and feel change.

  • Em joining bata blong yupela long Morobe ya! How yupela toktok planti long big boy Mr. Powi. Wankain nogat development long SHP em wankain long mipela Morobe na olgeta ples hia long PNG… Mosbi tasol develop because em hauslain blong member blong Parliament and Governor General…

  • All the leaders who have steal from people does not live long. children, babies, mothers dying from curable diseases in areas were no medical care, medicine, nurses and doctors.. how can you wash their blood off your hand.

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