Powi leads SHP regional race

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 17th July, 2012

PNC candidate William Powi continues to lead the Southern Highlands regional seat with 57,668 votes while arch-rival Joseph Kobol is on 41,352 after count 240.
Private lawyer Vincent Mirupasi was on 16,164, another lawyer Jerry Kiwai was on 15,104, Sylvester Komba on 14, 833, Anthony Temo on 10,046 and Roy Yaki 10,044.
For the Kagua-Erave open electorates, sitting member James Lagea was still leading with 14,982 after elimination 17 yesterday while former member David Basua was on 8,907 and Komeali Ropa on 8,870, Jephet John Yano 7,790 and Albert Noria on 5,400.
Returning officer Albert Wenz said six eliminations remained and they may be completed today. The winner is expected to be declared tomorrow.
Those in the race include Wesley Raminai, Esekiel Kipe, and Topa Mata.
Meanwhile quality checks for Imbonggu and Mendi continue today.
Sitting members Francis Awesa and Isaac Joseph were leading on the primary counts while Pila Niningi and Terry Gaso were running second respectively.
For the Nipa-Kutubu open, Jeffery Komal was leading while Philemon Embel was on second place with a difference of 2,000 votes on the primary counts.