Powi, three MPs lead SHP race

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The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

THREE MPs are leading the race in their respective electorates while William Powi leads in the regional seat with 33,000.
Imbonggu  MP Francis Awesa, Mendi MP Isaac Joseph and Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea are leading in the respective electorates.
Powi is leading in the regional seat while Steven Andayo is leading in Nipa-Kutubu open.
After count 51, Awesa was leading with 10,313 votes, followed by Pila Niningi on 7,264, Steven Temo on 3,749 and Timothy Tala on 2,967.
In Kagua-Erave, Lagea led with 12,787, followed by David Basua on 7,047, Komeali Ropa on 6,841 and Albert Noria on 4,179 as of count 90.
Primary count for the Kagua-Erave ended on Sunday. Quality check was done yesterday before the elimination process tomorrow.
In Mendi open, Joseph was leading with 13,274, De Kewano with 9,979, Terry Gaso 9,854, Phillipus Hapon on 9,140 and Michael Nali on 9,085. A total of 63 boxes have been counted.
Powi led with 33,491 after count 123, followed by independent candidates Joseph Kobol on 24,766 and Vincent Mirupasi on 9,074, Jerry Kiwai on 8,696.
For Nipa-Kutubu, Andayo was leading with 9,773, Jeffery Komal on 8,962, MP Philemon Embel on 8,391. Tony Lika was on 5,852 and Stanley Waip on 5,783.
Meanwhile, Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen has decided that nine ballot boxes for Upa 1, Embi 1, Pomberel 2 and 2, Injep 1 and 2, Merep 1, and Yomo one and two be held back after complaints were raised.