Powi to focus on law and order, good governance


SOUTHERN Highlands’ government has declared 2019 as the “year of law and order and good governance”.
Speaking during a recent provincial assembly meeting in Mendi, Governor William Powi said the province had come out of very difficult times over the last 18 months, including the earthquake disaster and election-related violence.
The 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Feb last year destroyed many infrastructure including homes and food gardens.
Politically-related violence led to the burning down of an Air Niugini Dash 8 aircraft, district and national court houses, and several people including two police men were killed.
Powi said while the incidents were fresh in the minds of the people, it was crucial that law and order was restored.
He said if law and order was not maintained, then the future of the province was at stake, as it would affect smooth running of schools and other educational facilities, health facilities and service delivery.
Powi said the law and justice sector in the province would receive all necessary support from his government including rebuilding of Mendi district and National Court houses, construction of police housing in Mendi and Ialibu, funding for Bui-Ebi Jail and others.
He said the province could only be rebuilt on stronger law and order.
Powi said besides direct funding to the law and justice sector in the province, his provincial government was partnering resource developers in the province to rebuild infrastructure like police housing by Oil Search Ltd.