Powi urges people to learn culture of saving money

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013

 THE Southern Highlands provincial government is embarking on empowering people to venture into businesses and learn the culture of savings through the support of rural banking.

Governor William Powi said this when opening the new Bank South Pacific rural banking facility at Nipa station last week.

He said his government had embarked on funding corporative societies in the province to assist people venture into businesses.

 Powi said K2 million had been allocated to help fund the 800 registered corporative societies.

He said through the cooperative societies, the people would improve their living conditions.

He added his government’s plan was in line with the national government’s policy on empowering the people through the small to medium business.

Powi said his government was also helping the people learn the culture of saving money and allowing them to access banking services by supporting the BSP rural banking rollout programme with K300,000.

He urged people to improve their lives rather than misusing money on alcohol and gambling.

BSP has established three rural banking centres at Pangia, Ialibu and Nipa.

Powi said it was envisaged that rural banking centres would also be set up at Erave, Kagua and Mendi.

The governor said they were also negotiating with other commercial banks to open a branch in Mendi.