PPC needed in East Sepik

National, Normal

The National, Friday 14th September 2012

EAST Sepik is faced with uncontrollable law and order problems and needs a new permanent resident provincial police commander, provincial law and order chairman Timothy Wani says.
 “There is no command and control because the Chief Supt Joe Poma, who was appointed at the time of the political impasse, has left the province,” he said.
He said Poma had left Supt Robert Gesa who was in the province to coordinate the elections security operation to act in his position.
“In his capacity as the acting PPC, Gesa is unable to fully use all police resources, resulting in an increase in law and order problems and a high number of pending cases not being properly investigated by police,” Wani said.
Wani, a retired police officer, said there were outstanding cases of murder, assaults, arson and rape that police had yet to investigate.