PPC: No major crime

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 MENDI town, in Southern Highlands, has been relatively quiet and peaceful, with no major crimes reported in the past few weeks, police station commander Insp Mas Tuman says.

Tuman said police in Mendi had managed to contain law and order in the town.

“Generally speaking, at the moment the town is okay and the province is okay, there have not been any major law and order problem,” he said.

He said Mendi police had contingency plans to combat and control law and order problems when criminal activities increased.

Tuman  said crimes in town were normally associated with street vendors who had been on the best of their behaviour recently.

The only major incident so far this year was recapture of notorious criminal Paul Kumei Rambo and his accomplices in January.

Rambo escaped with two others from the Bui-Iebi jail in 2011.