PPC Tei: Ban not stopping alcohol trade

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Southern Highlands provincial police commander Supt Teddy Tei raise concern over the smuggling of alcohol into the province.
He said despite the ban of alcohol in the province, people continued to smuggle alcohol into the province.
Tei said that few people had seen it fit to smuggle beer using four other access roads from Enga and Western Highlands.
He said the check point established at River Kagul at the border of Western Highlands was not enough.
“Some people risk their life carrying cartons of beer and crossing fast flowing Kagul River while others are using the access roads to transport beer and selling it for a very high price,” he said.
Tei said the police still needed some adequate funding to set up other two or four more check points.
He said after setting up other check points, police would search all the liquor outlets.
He said the operation was gaining momentum and already they had arrested and charged some people smuggling liquor, firearms, ammunition and drugs.
He said these people were now going through the court proceedings.
Tei said for the good of the province the provincial executive council had imposed the alcohol ban six months ago because of law and order problems created by people under the influence of liquor.
He appealed to the law abiding citizens in the province to provide information to the police on those smuggling alcohol.
He said some greedy people smuggling alcohol were trying to create problems and this had to be stopped.
Tei said the people were now enjoying peace because of the ban and they needed to maintain it in the years to come.
He appealed to the people to come forward and report if they knew of anyone smuggling in alcohol and selling it.