PPC warns politicians’ supporters to behave

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013


POLICE in Western Highlands have warned Engans travelling to Mt Hagen for an election petition case to be on their best behaviour.

Provincial police commander Martin Lakari issued the warning yesterday after seeing an influx of people travelling to the city to witness the election petition court case involving Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and runner-up, Sandy Talita.

Supt Lakari told a large crowd at the Mt Hagen National Court that he did not want any disturbance.

He said supporters of Ipatas and Talita must respect others coming into the city.

He said the city was the business hub of the Highlands region and he wanted peace to be maintained during the court proceedings.

“My policemen there will panel-beat those who disturb the peace and lock them in the cell,” he said.

He said because of their poor attitude, the election petition court proceeding in Wabag had been transferred to Mt Hagen.

“I want to call on supporters from both sides to respect the court process when deciding on the petition,” he said.

Lakari said the people were wasting their time waiting around the court house as their presence would not have any effect on the decisions made in the court room.

He said it was better for the people from Enga to stay at home and do something useful instead of coming into the city.

Justice Salatiel Lenalia is presiding over the case.

First respondent (Ipatas) is represented by Paul Mawa while second respondent Electoral Commission is represented by Ray Williams and petitioner is represented by Ian Molloy.

Sixty witnesses from all parties will be called in.

Lenalia said there was not enough time and he wanted to finish the case before July 26.