PPL needs good customer service


MY family has gone without electricity at Erima, Port Moresby, for two evenings.
We have not received any updates from PNG Power Ltd when we initially registered our query at the headquarters.
We were assured that they would call back regarding our query, but that did not happen.
We followed up with a call through the 116 toll free number yesterday and finally, the number worked after days of failing to get through.
However, the male customer service officer who sounded very bored on the line, just greeted us with a hello and said they had many tasks to attend to.
On Tuesday PNG Power workmen, in vehicle ZPL 486, attended to a fault where a power line for our neighbour that passes through our home dropped because of previous days’ raining and a banana tree fell on it.
Our electricity lines to our homes branch out from the same electricity pole.
We had usual power until workmen who attended to the neighbour’s line at around 12pm on Tuesday cut electricity to our home.
They never had any courtesy to inform us that the power was cut and why.
We learnt about that at around 2pm and rushed to the PNG Power headquarters to report the situation after failing to get to customer service through the toll free 116 number.
The female customer service officer exhibited some appalling customer service attitude.
Instead of being receptive to hear us out, she was defensive and not customer-friendly.
They need training on customer service to improve the organisation’s image.
Instead of accepting PNG Power staff worked on the line and our electricity was out, she said it should not be PNG Power as they usually give notice for disconnection and it may have not been a disconnection, but a faulty line.
We don’t have fair technical background, but the fact is that we had electricity until PNG Power workmen came to work on the line and now we have no electricity.
We need electricity.
We managed to get through the toll free number yesterday and asked if the matter could be attended to.
A male staff said they would after they attend to other matters.
It is just frustrating dealing with people in an organisation who display absolute lack of urgency to attend to queries
Keeping their brand name highly acclaimed should be their goal.
If tasks at PNG Power are plenty and the turnaround time is long, audit the system and find solutions to reduce the turnaround time. Maybe they need more employees.
Maybe they need a user-friendly system that inputs jobs with details and it gets distributed quickly.
Maybe deal with tasks first.
We need PNG Power to have an excellent customer service team at the front end who are receptive, professional in their approach, customer-oriented.
Everyone in their grid should have reliable electricity.
It appears employees are just too complacent working for their bread and butter and there is no drive and energy to executive their tasks based on set user friendly systems and process that improves efficiency.
We need electricity at our place at Erima – job number 165724 has been registered.
Prime Minister James Marape, first thing we need at PNG Power is to audit their systems and process, starting with front end customer service, how tasks are reported, distributed and attended to.

Elias Nanau