PPL record irks Duma

The National, Tuesday July 19th, 2016

PNG Power Limited (PPL) has been mismanaged for the last 40 years and has no track record of delivering dividends to the Government, Public Enterprise and State Investments Minister William Duma says.
In response to threats by PNG Power employees to withdraw manpower over the board’s interference in the management of the State-owned entity, Duma said the employees were not genuine.
He said PNG Power was not an organisation that anyone would be proud of because the employees had let the country down, leaving a lot to be desired of the State-owned entity.
“Our very employees have mismanaged the organisation through nepotism, corruption, the recruitment of wantoks and failing to turn up for work although they still get paid,” Duma told The National.
“You are given an opportunity to work and earn your pay.
“You don’t turn up for work but when you do, you put your legs up on the table and read newspapers, have an hour smoking and betel nut breaks. Who do you blame?”
He said the employees could not blame the board’s behaviour or the lack of money, to go ahead and turn the power off. Duma said it was criminal and irresponsible of the employees to be threatening a withdrawal of manpower.
“Everything is provided for the employees, yet they take things for granted. They have been too comfortable,” Duma said
“Matters to do with the management and the board are matters that are within their provisions and have got no direct relevance on the ability of the employees to perform their duties.
“They are paid to do their job every day. If they are simply not turning up for work for matters that have got nothing to do with their work, they are not genuine.
“Employees of PPL are allowed to work normal hours and get paid. They are not stopped by the management or the board from doing their work.
“Certainly no management is trying to take away their jobs or no board member is coming down to their level and interfering with them.
“You do not need a bag of money to go to the switchboard and turn it on or off. You need a person to do it and that person is already paid. He gets his pay every fortnight.”