PPP branch president spot on

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

AS intellects, we agree with the comments of the EHP PPP branch president (The National, Dec 7).
The office of the speaker is one of the most respected offices and every politician who has occupied that seat since independence had maintained the virtue of the seat of speaker until Jeffery Nape sat on that seat.
To say his performance leaves a lot to be desired would have been the year’s understatement.
During his tenure, many, if not all, his decisions were biased.
It appears unfair and impartial are not in his dictionary.
In fact, layman or woman would say that he colluded with NA members prior to decisions being made.
We have not seen any informed debates as the speaker did not make any effort to allow that to take place.
Many of us, the intellects and hard working people of Chimbu, are ashamed that one of our citizens, who wields so much power, has turned out to be an incompetent politician without any professional ethics.


Morata Swamp Bomai Gun
Port Moresby