‘Practical competency best measure of qualification’

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Practical staff competency is very important in minimising costs and saving time, a senior visiting medical doctor says.
Consultative cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, Prof Saw Seong, pictured, told the 53rd Medical Symposium in Port Moresby yesterday that medical professionals must be competent in the practical part of their jobs rather than in theory.
He said that most professionals had competent qualifications on paper rather than practical competency.
“We must understand that our paper qualifications don’t mean anything at all if we don’t competitively practice what we have learned.”
He said in the case of medical officers, a person who had competitive practical experience was better than one who knew more and did nothing to save lives.
“In surgery and anaesthesia, where we deal with the safety of patients, appropriate treatment must be given within a short period of time but without any risk to the patient,” Seong said.
“But if problems do arise, senior staff must be alerted immediately.”
He said that medical professionals dealt with people’s lives and they must not pretend to do the right thing if they were confused.
“Consulting your peers is more than a precaution; it can save lives.”