Practice what you preach, Maladina

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I want to point out what Moses Maladina told the public sector forum last week in Madang about delivering government services.
He directed two questions to the participants – “Why are we not delivering government services?” and “Are we actually achieving what we want?”
I suggest he should ask himself both questions, as a leader, and Esa’ala open member, what he has done for his people, what sort of infrastructure development is needed most, how to keep the youths away from illegal activities, etc, in his electorate.
Has he been working closely with the implementers of government services, the public servants, instead of dictating them?
Anyway, I think Mala­dina should re-think the statements he made last week.
He can lead by example by working side by side with the implementers (public servants) instead of telling them what to do.
As political head of the public service, maybe he should try restructuring the public service delivery system.
He should start with his own electorate, where there is almost no development for the past few years.
Public servants can perform, but without resour­ces, which are often “locked up” by politicians, how are they going to deliver?
However, I would like to thank Maladina for the K4 million Esa’ala health centre and K1 million Ma­pa­moiwa station.


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