Practise basic hygiene


PROTECTIVE measurers – washing hands frequently, maintain social distancing, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and practise respiratory hygiene is not being applied in most areas after restrictions were relaxed.
Let’s not kid ourselves that we are immune.
PNG does not have the capacity to deal with a coronavirus outbreak.
The increasing demand of the pandemic is already threatening our health systems.
Many countries in the world are putting a stop to the spread of the virus which is through breaking the cycle by human intervention.
Many said it was punishing and hostile but they implemented the lockdown.
Meanwhile, we had Papua New Guineans complaining about the restrictions imposed.
If the Government says, it is a 14-day lockdown on all non-essential services and for the citizens to restrict their movement including gathering in masses or traveling, let’s do it.
It is better to be safe than sorry.

Concerned Citizen

One thought on “Practise basic hygiene

  • Control measures are only taken in these towns/ cities, 90 percent in rural areas are not involved in these protective measures, if CORONA VIRUS is to hit this nation, whole population would have been wiped out by now,
    no one would be surviving from this deadly virus. the most important think PNG should do now is encourage
    one other is to PRAISE THE MOST HIGH GOD for what he is doing. God has choesn this nation for such a time like this. 1 Corinth 1. 27 is the answer for this Nation.

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