Praise for CIMC efforts for unity

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013


PARLIAMENT last week hailed the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC) for trying to bridge the gap between the government and the people through its consultative forums.

Various MPs and ministers, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, spoke highly of the forums during debate on the CIMC report presented to the house by Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel.

The report highlighted various achievements and constraints identified at the CIMC forums which have been held since 2009.

The report specifically highlighted several key achievements on policies and legislations initiated through the CIMC process since inception, the main outcomes of the forums for MPs to consider in their development plans and the significance of the mechanism in strengthening consultations between the government and the people. 

It also reported on the key outcomes of last year’s forum that has identified several challenges and recommendations to improve service delivery. 

The forum found lack of effective management and coordination processes for improved service delivery, deteriorating infrastructure, lack of effective communication and coverage, lack of capacity to effectively deliver health and education services and lack of effective partnerships and collaborations between service providers and government. 

Abel urged MPs to “take advantage of the opportunity provided by the CIMC forums to attend and participate to hear cirizens’ views on current important policies and plans the government is embarking on”. 

Education Minister James Marape also urged the leaders to take heed of views enlightened at the forums by civil groups and corporate bodies into their provincial and district plans so that the needs of the people would be taken into account and satisfied. 

O’Neill was also keen on emphasising leadership and responsibility as important qualities to utilise the forums to ensure the initiative was productive.