Praise for PNG Air


I COMMEND PNG Air’s engineering personnel for their sense of responsibility.
On the evening of Tuesday June 19, I was on an Air Niugini flight back to Port Moresby.
As I was walking towards the arrival area, I saw what looked like a squashed-up paper on the side of the road.
An Air Niugini tug sped by without the engineers noticing. They wouldn’t have, anyway, judging by their betel nut-filled mouths and loud laughter.
A few seconds later, a young engineer with PNG Air, on his way to attend to an aircraft check, pulled up and picked up the rubbish.
I felt the need to shake his hand and I gave him an orange as a token of my appreciation as a traveller.
Little things like this can compromise safety and it’s always good to see people who are responsible and have great situational awareness.
It gives us, the travelling public, a sense of security. We feel safe knowing the aircraft is in good hands.
Good on you young Denis and good on you PNG Air Engineering Services.
Keep up the good work.

Mangi blo Ples
Mt. Hagen

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