Praying for blessings


OUR Father who is in heaven, holy is your name.
We praise and glorify your name, for there is no other like you.
You watch us day and night.
You know our thoughts and you see our ways on this land which you have blessed us with.
We offer this city of Port Moresby and nation to you.
We place every person at the foot of the cross.
We bind all the people of this city and nation to the cross and to your most loving and merciful heart for complete cleansing and renewal of all souls.
That all evil will be destroyed once and for all and only good will reign in this city and nation.
And as the cleansing and renewal take place, may your Holy Spirit move through this city and nation instilling in every person the desire to repent and renounce Satan and all his works in their lives and proclaim your goodness and love.
As each one repents for the better, may the precious blood and water which flowed from the wounds of your Son Jesus, envelope the city and nation protecting all people from all evil.
We thank you for listening to this prayer and believe that by the faith of those who believe in you, this prayer will be answered for you do not say no to those who acknowledge you as their God and Creator.
In Jesus mighty and precious name we pray. Amen.

Helen Abia,