Prediction poses risk to referendum


I WOULD like to comment on yesterday’s letter ‘Bougainville in suspense’.
Among others, the writer says that there is an armed build-up in Bougainville and that he predicted that Bougainville would be chaotic after the referendum.
This comment contradicts public information of mass ongoing weapons disposal and reconciliations taking place in all districts of Bougainville in preparation for the upcoming referendum.
Moreover, it poses serious threat to the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the upcoming referendum.
If there is an armed build up, well, let us know where exactly in Bougainville is this so-called “arms build-up” taking place?
At Wisai or at Kainake in Siwai?
Otherwise, his comments are baseless and obviously coming out of people with vested interests with the mission to destroy the conducting of the up coming Bougainville Referendum.

John Heumito