Pregnant woman shot

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The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

A PREGNANT woman from inland Basamuk, Madang, recently survived being shot with a spear gun after quick action by officials of mining company, Ramu NiCo.
The company said in a statement yesterday it mobilised its emergency staff after learning that a woman had been allegedly attacked by a relative with a spear-gun following an argument in the village.
The woman, who was seven-months pregnant, suffered an arrow shot at her tummy with the arrow-head stuck to the skin near her belly button posing imminent danger.
The patient was taken to the trauma ward in Basamuk clinic where Dr Amban decided it was safe to surgically remove the arrow as it had not caused significant damage to the mother or baby.
The patient’s father had watched over the rescue and he was given the arrow as a reminder of the incident.
Ramu NiCo chief operating officer Gao Yongxue and several of the management team also arrived at the refinery clinic to ensure all possible assistance was rendered.