Preparation key to exams, says school adviser


SCHOOLS must ensure that their students are relaxed and psychologically prepared before they sit for their final examinations, says a teacher at Port Moresby National High School.
Speaking at the school’s fun day on Friday, teacher and student representative and council adviser Inuma Peter said the school’s grade 12 students were focused and psychologically prepared for national examinations.
“It’s a way for staff, teachers and students with their friends and families to get together and celebrate this big day before they go for holidays,” Peter said.
“They will have one week holiday and when they come back the grade 12s will sit for their final examination.”
Peter said that they were supposed to have an annual event known as Hahenamo Day which is a formal cultural show but the time had lapsed so they have decided to have a fun day.
“The event falls between June and July but due to the elections, the school decided to postpone it until today.”
Peter said that the event includes both traditional and contemporary art, songs and dances.
Families and friends were also invited to join in the celebrations.
“The event does not only concentrate on cultural performances but any other fun activities such as music, modern talent shows, which are for friends and families around the city to come and enjoy this day.”