Preparing to return to work

Health Watch

You might want to make some of the following requests to your employer:

  • CREATE a schedule with your manager. For your first weeks back, make plans for what you’ll do, when and where. This way, you’ll know what to expect;
  •  ARRANGE to catch up on any training you’ve missed;
  •  HAVE regular catch-ups with your manager. It might help to talk often about how you’re getting on. Let them know what you’re finding helpful or difficult;
  •  DEVELOP a wellness action plan (WAP). Take a look at our guidance and templates for creating a WAP. If you’re returning to work but working from home, there is also a WAP home working guide;
  •  LOOK into specialist support services on offer. Your employer may offer support like occupational health or an employee assistance programme. Check with your manager or HR department if you’re unsure;
  •  ASK for changes from your employer. Some small changes can allow you to feel more able to do your job. Your employer should support you by helping you when you get stressed and feel like you can’t cope, changing your tasks or just being there to talk to; and,
  •  TRY to set a time for yourself and do invite friends and family over to visit with you. It is important that your interaction with others is vibrant and positive, keep smiling and keep life simple.
    ; enjoy the simple things in life.