Pres 36 claim Kranket soccer title

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 KRANKET Island off Madang came alive on Sunday with the Kranket Soccer tournament. 

Pres 36 One beat Iga Batas One 3-1 to claim the John Guluman Cup.

The week-long tournament saw 10 men’s soccer teams and 10 women’s volleyball teams playoff for silverware and prizes donated by sponsor John Guluman.

Arnold Mogia from Iga Batas surprised the opposition with a goal straight from the kick-off. 

The game was a close-fought affair with both sides showcasing their skills. 

Pres 36 led through the remainder of the match adding another two goals and conceding one to win the inaugural cup.

Guluman congratulated both teams for the entertaining game and promised to sponsor another tournament during the Independence celebration in September this year.

“We have nothing on Kranket Island. We gave our land to Madang town. We do not have land and resources and most of the islanders are not educated and unemployed,” Guluman said.

“It is my dream to see these youths make a future in sports and education because that’s our only hope,” Guluman, who is also the board chairman of Kranketh Community School on the island, said.

He said youths were starting to look for escapes in drugs, alcohol and other illegal activities and he wanted to keep them away from that with sports.

“It’s better they engage in sports so they talk sports, eat sports and sleep sports and forget illegal activities. They have the ability in sports and I want to provide the environment for them to show that talent,” Guluman said.