Presents from Down Under

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 THROUGH the sheer generosity of the south-west community, more than 130 packs with everyday necessities for mothers and new-borns will be sent to Papua New Guinea from Australia.

Friends Jo Pruis and Jayne Hatherall were behind the local project, which lured about 50 people to help fill the mother-baby packs for the Highlands Foundation at the Guide Hall in Warrnambool, Victoria on Saturday.

According to an article in the Standard newspaper, the packs consist of a homemade bag made out of a pillowcase, filled with jump suits, cloth nappies, singlets, beanies, booties, cardigans and a piece of clothing for when the baby is older.

For the mother the pack included sanitary pads, a nightie, a maternity bra, underwear and soap, along with a small present for mother and baby.