President appeals for right information

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The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013

 PEOPLE living in the middle and lower areas of the Sepik River have been asked to stop misleading the government regarding flood assistance.

Timothy Wani, the Karawari local level government president in Angoram district in East Sepik, said the Sepik River people had been experiencing floods during high tides for ages.

Wani said they should not press the panic button every time the water level rose.

“It is normal for people living along the Sepik River, they know the situations,” he said.

“They know when to expect high swells and when water would subside,” he said. 

He said weather changes were   unpredictable, perhaps due to climate change effects, but it was nothing new to the people and they knew how to handle situations during high tides.

“They will survive because they were created by God to live in that environment,” Wani said.

He was responding to appeals for assistance to the national government and disaster office.

He said the people’s immediate need should be safe drinking water and medicine for those contracting water-borne diseases.

East Sepik provincial disaster officer Michael Kaprangi could not be reached for comment.

The National understands that the Church of the Latter Day Saints has started distributing relief supplies to Moim, Pinang, Kambrindo and Kambaramba villages at Angoram.