President denies knowing district’s use of K2mil

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EAST Sepik’s Turubu local level government president David Kausik has denied any knowledge of the K2 million that Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau claims was used by the district without his knowledge.
Kausik said there were no project resolutions for his LLG area during the special joint district planning and budget priorities committee meeting last October chaired by Manwau.
He was responding to allegations levelled against the district administration for misuse of the money after it was parked at the Wewak district treasury by Manwau.
“Wewak Island president and deputy governor Toby Samek, Boikin-Dagua LLG president James Haurom and I did not attend that meeting and we missed out on the distribution of the money for projects in our LLGs,” Kausik said.
“As chairman of the JDPBPC, Manwau’s signature gives approval to the district administrator and the treasurer to sign and release cheques for projects late last year.
“About K1.2 million was spent on projects in the Wewak urban LLG while the balance was spent on other projects approved by Manwau.”
Kausik had raised concern regarding the non-payment of 2010 non-discretionary component of the K500,000 district services grants to the five local level governments by Manwau.
He said while it was right for the MP to keep K250,000 of the grant, the other K250,000 was their constitutional grant to support their LLG grants.
He called on Manwau to explain how their constitutional grants were spent.