President Toroama a reputable leader


CONGRATULATIONS Ishmael Toroama, the Bougainville President.
A big thanks and appreciation to other presidential candidates who contested to lead Bougainville.
I have admired your leadership during my tenure at Bougainville Technical College from 2018 to 2019.
I took part in the referendum elections.
I had my name registered in the Iris Ward in Tinputs.
I am not from Bougainville.
But I’ve witnessed on several occasions Toroama demonstrating a leadership of high standards.
He is a man of wisdom.
I always told my friends that he would one day become the president.
One time I was at Bel Isi Park and heard one of his speeches during the referendum awareness.
His speech was inspirational and touching.
I was brought to tears listening to his speech especially when he gave an account of the events during the civil war.
He wants independence for Bougainville and I’m sure he will deliver that for the people of Bougainville.
I’m sure he will lead Bougainville into next dimension.
Finally, there is light at the end of tunnel.

Steward Lupain
Ex-BTC Teacher