Presidential system seen as best for PNG


THE only way to stop systematic corruption and the practice of double dipping in this country is through a political revolution that results in the removal of our existing Westminster system of democracy and adoption of a presidential system of government.
The presidential system is an advanced democracy where every political power is fragmented and used independently without fear or favour, keeping checks and balances alive, unlike in the Westminster system where every political power is fused, checks and balances are heavily politicised, undermining democracy.
In a presidential system, the political party is too strong, presidential candidates are properly screened and viewed by the entire citizens in terms of their qualification, job experience, business empire, policies and character.
After the screening process during the campaigning period, most candidates are eliminated with only two left to contest the presidency.
The presidential system has a fixed term of office, promoting political stability. Our Westminster system is politically unstable and filled with votes of no-confidence.
A political revolution is necessary to rescue this country from the systematic corruption that is crippling it.
It’s possible for Papua New Guinea to create a hybrid political system, meaning a combination of both.
Our 40 or so weak political parties can be trimmed to a two-party system, with the people electing the prime minister and deputy prime minister in a more robust democratic process instead of leaving that privilege in the hands of our elected few who themselves are susceptible to political maneuverings.
PNG’s Westminster system lacks a proper screening process for candidates. We should therefore
Set up a candidate screening committee commission (CSCC) comprising the Ombudsman Commission, Electoral Commission, Registrar of Political Parties Commission, Council of Churches, Law Society, and Trade Union Congress to screen the candidates who have been nominated.

Max M Wapi